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The Danger Of Atherosclerosis

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ATHEROCLEROSIS. You ever hear it? This is a disease. What disease? The bottom line means more or less the blockage of blood vessels. One of the causes of this disease are a pile of toxin or poison any excess so that the walls of the blood vessels become hardened. And what are the dangers if blood vessels clogged?

1. in the brain
  • A person may experience a variety of symptoms, because the absence of an adequate blood supply to the brain. In fact, the brain as control the whole body.
  • Can also cause lost memory and concentration are difficult.
  • The occurrence of changes on the flanks of morals and emotions. Therefore, he could have got the pressure suddenly, which makes him cry or laugh without cause.
  • Obtain the auditory assault on the Center, which can lead to deafness, which cannot be treated.
  • The attack on the center of balance can cause a loss of balance.
  • Obtain the attack on the center of vision which resulted in blindness.
  • Obtain an attack on urinary tract and Center defecate so people afflicted by not being able to do both these things.
  • The occurrence of bleeding or hardening of blood vessel walls. This could lead to paralysis sufferers, half of the body.
  • In the heart, an attack against the blood vessels cause a shortage of blood in the heart muscle, so that it can cause heart attack and breathing difficulties.

2. in both Kidneys

Hardening of the kidney and ketersumbatannya vessel walls can cause blood containing oxygen and nutrients are not up to this important organ. Finally the kidney cannot perform its function in secretion. This is then called with kidney failure, which can cause damage to the whole body.

Has confirmed that the animal's fat is more dangerous than vegetable fat in triggering this incident. Therefore, we recommend that you do not consume too much meat that contain lots of fat, zabdah or cream as long as we don't overdo the consumption. And they can be replaced with oil-vegetable oils, such as corn oil.

A variety of substances that destroy does not appear once only and not also came unexpectedly, but through the processes that occur on an ongoing basis, in the form of hardening of vessel walls by grain-grain fat. Over time, the buildup of fat is thicker so it gave rise to a terrible event, namely the total paralysis or death.

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